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Datacenter Bytes: Meeting the Challenges of Hurricane Sandy, Sailing San Francisco Bay and Industry-Metrics Analysis in the Latest Datacenter Solutions’ Newsletter


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By Scott Stein, Senior Vice President

Cassidy Turley’s Datacenter Solutions group digs into detailed industry analysis and how peers on the East Coast successfully addressed datacenter operations amidst Hurricane Sandy in its recent Datacenter Bytes e-newsletter. Of course, a datacenter e-newsletter wouldn’t be complete without discussing specifics, whether it’s the true meaning of operational/outage metrics and the number 9 or redundancy specifications and “N” levels.

Looking ahead, Datacenter Bytes also includes information on estimated “Big Data” IT spending in 2013; Apple, Google, Amazon.com, eBay and Facebook’s projected datacenter investments; and prospects for containerized datacenters, a subsector that involves prefabricated, fully enclosed, mobile structures that house datacenter infrastructure. Executives in Cassidy Turley’s Datacenter Solutions Group – Scott Stein, Justin Reilly, Sutton Roley and Greg Berry – produce Datacenter Bytes each month.

What are your projections for the datacenter sector’s 2013 growth?

stein scottScott joined Cassidy Turley after founding and managing Global Datacenter Solutions, LLC for seven years.  Focusing on datacenter brokerage and consulting, Scott has helped clients with their datacenter needs throughout North America and abroad.  Scott's background in the management of high-tech enterprise operations, technical competency and demonstrated ability to work with IT customers brings a unique perspective and set of skills to Cassidy Turley's Datacenter Solutions Group.