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Finding the Silver Lining in an Uncertain Industry


By Chris White, Senior Managing Director, PrincipalInterior Glass Walls with people

We have all heard the phrase “think outside the box” many times, but in an era of economic uncertainty, the notion of creative solutions has become more important than ever before. A fragile economy has led companies of all sizes and scale to rein in spending and seek resourceful (and less costly) routes for fulfilling needs. Commercial real estate professionals and businesses are on the brink of an incredible opportunity as service-based outsourcing continues to be on the rise. While traditional deals may offer a more straightforward approach, CRE outsourcing just may be the silver lining to this time of fiscal ambiguity.

While the concept of outsourcing commercial real estate services is not new, it’s a rapidly growing trend as companies seek solutions to reducing operational and salary based costs. In an article recently featured in the National Real Estate Investor, I had the chance to talk CRE outsourcing and where we fit in as providers. As we continue to face a grim economic outlook, capitalizing on the reality of today’s business world may offer the traction we need. From both a strategic and tactical perspective, CRE outsourcing is the new reality of today’s marketplace. For the full article, click here.

What’s your perspective on CRE outsourcing – could it be an upside to the downturn?

 White Chris 2012 210x294As Senior Managing Director and Principal, Chris manages key initiatives and clients for the tenant representation and brokerage groups for Cassidy Turley’s Atlanta office. He will also play a pivotal role in the firm’s Southeast corporate services practice.