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Three Ways Property Managers Can Add Value

Baltimore Sustainability Blog

By Ben Comm, Senior Managing Director 

Every morning you walk into your place of work. Security greets you, and the elevator takes you to your company’s designated space on the 15th floor. There isn’t anything for you to worry about other than getting down to business. The lights are on, the temperature is comfortable, and the windows are clean. 

Coworking: The Corporate Benefit

berlincoworkingspace blogpost (3)

By Sophy Moffat, Associate Director of Research, United Kingdom

The world of work is changing. Flexibility is no longer sought by the tech, creative and media sectors alone, but by a growing pool of large corporate tenants coming into Serviced Office and Coworking Spaces for the first time. Outlined below are the commercial and cultural factors behind this phenomenon.

15 Questions: Get to Know Ben Comm

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Our 15 Questions series is back! Next stop: Washington, DC to get to know Ben Comm, Senior Managing Director. 

Where did you grow up, and where do you live now? I grew up in Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  I currently live in Ashburn, Virginia.

What was your first job? I was a paperboy at the age of 11. Trying to collect 10 cents per house, per month was not easy.

Q2 U.S. Office Trends: Demand Doubles, Vacancy Rate Declines

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By Kevin Thorpe, Chief Economist, Americas

Yet again in 2015 we saw weakness in the first quarter followed by stronger growth in the second quarter.  Although most of the headwinds from low oil prices are behind us—investment in oil and gas exploration fell drastically in the first quarter—job cuts in energy-related sectors continue to mount.

Q2 U.S. Industrial Trends: Record-Setting Demand, Surging Construction

2015 Q2 Office Industrial SocialMedia Icon blogindustrial

By Kevin Thorpe, Chief Economist, Americas

Despite anxiety over Greece’s finances, Puerto Rico’s debt burden and China’s stock market, the industrial sector has continued to boom, absorbing space at a record-setting rate. The rail, trucking and general transportation sectors rebounded in the second quarter as consumer spending reached 3.4%, its highest year-over-year growth rate since October 2006.

Show That Your Building is Well-Rounded with BOMA 360

BOMA 360 performance program

By Tom Updike, Senior Vice President of Property Management

In a world where buildings are competing tooth-and-nail for tenants and the pressure is high to keep operating expenses low, how can your building stand out from the crowd? The BOMA 360 Performance Program provides a distinctive designation for commercial buildings that satisfy outlined criteria.

DTZ to Battle it Out in the 2015 EPA National Building Competition

EPA battle of the buildings

By Emily Paciolla, Sustainability Project Coordinator

Today marks the kickoff for the EPA’s National Building Competition! Each year EPA challenges commercial buildings to compete to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. For the sixth consecutive year, EPA’s ENERGY STAR program is hosting the National Building Competition: Battle of the Buildings to help organizations improve the energy and water efficiency of their buildings, save money and protect the environment.

Highlights from the ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum

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By Allison Porter, Vice President, Sustainability Services

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of moderating a panel on “Confidence, Risk and Decision-Making” at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE )Energy Efficiency Finance Forum in San Francisco. The panel offered an inside look into how major real estate companies make decisions about energy efficiency and other sustainability initiatives.

Project Manager: a Project's CEO and a Client’s Strategic Partner

Project Development

By Gary HelminskiPresident, Project and Development Services, Americas

Corporate real estate executives and administrators wonder whether the benefits of hiring a Development or Project Manager (“PM”) justify the expense. Generally, the savings and efficiencies a PM uncovers outweigh any expenses incurred.

Technology Conquers the Final Frontier: Commercial Real Estate

dtz snap rates

By Adam L. Stanley, Global Chief Information Officer 

Kodak missed a tipping point and went bankrupt. Blockbuster Video fought the wrong enemy and went bankrupt. Taxi drivers, hotels, travel agencies, and so many other industries are now fighting less against themselves than against new entrants that actually seek to solve a problem, to fill a need, to change old norms. Perhaps more so than most of these industries, the commercial real estate industry has been slow to both recognize and embrace change. I am convinced messenger service companies remain in business solely because the CRE industry continues to mistrust the transmittal of critical documents to anyone or anything not human!

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