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Cassidy Turley is a national team of commercial real estate professionals with a proven track record of delivering superior results for our clients. We are dedicated to consistently providing solutions that are creative, cost-effective and responsive to our clients’ specific real estate needs, while supporting overall business performance.

- Completed transactions valued at $22 billion in 2011   

- Manage over 455 million SF on behalf of private, institutional and corporate clients

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[VIDEO] Q1 2014 U.S. Office & Industrial Reports Just Released

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By Kevin Thorpe, Chief Economist

The U.S. economy faced an unusually harsh winter at the start of 2014, but along with the temperatures, the latest data is "springing back". The office sector has been experiencing slow but steady demand, while the majority of U.S. industrial markets’ vacancy rates are below the long-term average. In addition, new construction is heating up in both sectors and far exceeds pre-recession levels, a bright spot in the commercial real estate outlook this quarter.

Looking Back: Lessons Learned During Extreme Weather Conditions

flooded dock 2

by Cheri ShepherdManaging Director

Now that spring has sprung and winter is “officially” over, let’s reflect on some of the challenges faced by property managers in extreme weather situations.

Blurred Lines: The Impact of E-Commerce on the Industrial and Retail Sectors

industrial image

By Michael M.W. Weishaar, SIOR, Managing Director

E-commerce has blurred the lines between commercial real estate’s industrial and retail sectors, and it continues to emerge as a force fueling huge industrial deals across the U.S.

5 Highlights of Our Spring Retail Review

Cassidy Turley National Retail Review Spring 2014 1

By Garrick Brown, Northern California Reseach Director 

Our Spring Retail Review was just released, here’s a glimpse of what’s inside:

It’s Been a Tough Few Months, but Underlying Fundamentals are Still Intact


by Kevin Thorpe, Chief Economist and Rebecca Rockey, Economist

It’s been a tough few months, with the weather affecting businesses and hiring around the country.  But, just as the bad weather is (slowly) receding, so are the data anomalies. 

Better Weather and Better News

latest economic data

by Kevin Thorpe, Chief Economist and Rebecca Rockey, Economist

Along with warmer temperatures, the U.S. has also seen data warm up in the past two weeks.  Last week, new statistics boosted confidence after several months of questionable trends. 

The Latest Data—Defrosting

March 2014 home sales

by Kevin Thorpe, Chief Economist and Rebecca Rockey, Economist

New residential construction and residential sales data released last week continued to be below estimates.   Additionally, the GDP revised estimate showed that real GDP was 80 basis points (bps) below the advance estimate released in January, meaning that we (economists) now believe annualized real GDP in the fourth quarter of 2013 was only 2.4% instead of 3.2%.   Next month will be the last revision to all fourth quarter data, but real GDP will probably still come in below the advanced estimate.  We know that the weather had real impacts on employment, spending, and general economic activity, so the downward revisions make sense.

Good News: Professional Forecasters Predict Positive Outlook

research blog image

by Kevin Thorpe, Chief Economist and Rebecca Rockey, Economist

Despite two months of weak economic data, the February 14th release by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia that summarizes the outlook of professional forecasters finally brought some good news. The outlook is not just upbeat, it is more optimistic than it was even three months ago.   With a brighter outlook for unemployment over the next three years, including average positive nonfarm payroll gains over 206,000 per month, real GDP is expected to grow 3.1% in 2015, up from 2.7% forecast in 2013 Q4. 

A Dive Into Other Jobs-Related News

iStock 000006227392Large (2)

by Kevin Thorpe, Chief Economist and Rebecca Rockey, Economist

In the past two months, and for good reason, national attention has been focused on two things—weaker economic data, represented in headlines through employment statistics, and on the cold weather, which continued to dump feet of snow on the East Coast this winter.  The ADP and BLS recently released national employment data that did little to waylay fears brought on from the weak growth in December—January growing nonfarm employment by 175,000 jobs (according to ADP) and by 113,000 jobs (according to BLS).  However, headlines and news channels also brought attention to another big news item—The 2014 Economic Outlook published by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). And the focus was not on the macroeconomic forecast, but on revisions to the impact of the Affordable Care Act on employment.

Hey, What’s a Nice Healthcare Provider Like You Doing in Retail?

Infographic Final RGB

by Lorie Damon, Managing Director 

Although the headline might sound like the start of a bad joke, it isn’t. Healthcare providers are increasingly setting up shop in retail-like settings—and using retail strategies to adapt conventional care settings like hospitals and medical office buildings.

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