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Project Manager: a Project's CEO and a Client’s Strategic Partner

Project Development

By Gary HelminskiPresident, Project and Development Services, Americas

Corporate real estate executives and administrators wonder whether the benefits of hiring a Development or Project Manager (“PM”) justify the expense. Generally, the savings and efficiencies a PM uncovers outweigh any expenses incurred.

Technology Conquers the Final Frontier: Commercial Real Estate

dtz snap rates

By Adam L. Stanley, Global Chief Information Officer 

Kodak missed a tipping point and went bankrupt. Blockbuster Video fought the wrong enemy and went bankrupt. Taxi drivers, hotels, travel agencies, and so many other industries are now fighting less against themselves than against new entrants that actually seek to solve a problem, to fill a need, to change old norms. Perhaps more so than most of these industries, the commercial real estate industry has been slow to both recognize and embrace change. I am convinced messenger service companies remain in business solely because the CRE industry continues to mistrust the transmittal of critical documents to anyone or anything not human!

Tolliver's Take: E-Commerce & Warehouse Design

describe the image

By Jason Tolliver, Regional Vice President 

The growth of e-commerce has  forced developers to rethink their warehouse design.  With a compound annual growth rate of 14%  since 2008, e-commerce has driven retailers to establish dedicated dot-com fulfillment centers farther inland and closer to the final mile in order to satisfy customer expectations of same-day or next-day delivery.  Home Depot is one retailer that has allocated large portions of its CAPEX in recent years to building an e-commerce direct fulfillment network.  The results are impressive. 

Kingsley Tenant Survey: Measuring Our Customer Service

BusinessDealHandshake shutterstock 243795955 ML

By Ian Hughes, Senior Managing Director

As we maneuver through our busy days at warp speed, it’s important to take a step back to gain perspective and ask ourselves, “Why does it all matter?” Given that DTZ generates revenue as a service provider, not a provider of goods or products, customer service is paramount to our success as a firm.

15 Years of Honoring a Founder and Father’s Memory

race for hope 2015

By James Cassidy, Executive Managing Director

Fifteen years ago, DTZ (then Cassidy & Pinkard, one of DTZ’s predecessor companies in the U.S.) became the title sponsor for the annual Race for Hope-DC after my father, Pat Cassidy, a Cassidy & Pinkard founder, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Every year since then, the firm and its supporters have paid tribute to his memory, strength and personal drive by raising millions of dollars for this event, held the first Sunday in May to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure organizations.

EPA Battle of the Buildings: St. Louis Delivers Results


by Allison Porter, Vice President, Sustainability Services

The Environmental Protection Agency’s National Building Competition challenges teams to compete “The Biggest Loser”-style in order to achieve the greatest reduction in a building’s energy usage over the course of one year. This year’s competition was stiff, with more than 5,500 buildings entered and 100 teams having accepted the challenge.

Healthcare: Industry’s Vitality Indicates CRE Opportunities

healthcare trends

By Lorie Damon, Managing Director

In recent years, significant changes such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and changing demographics have affected the healthcare industry's approach to delivering care. Now, in addition to addressing the changes mandated by healthcare reform, the $3 trillion U.S. health economy also needs to figure out how to deliver healthcare to tech-savvy, convenience-oriented Millennials, who will comprise 75% of the workforce by 2030, as well as aging Baby Boomers. As a result, evidence of America’s changing healthcare landscape is emerging in the healthcare real estate market.

BenchCore: Benchmarking the Global Corporate Real Estate Portfolio

DTZ CoreNetBlog (6)

By David Kamen, Senior Managing Director

With an increasingly globalized economy, corporate real estate (CRE) executives’ roles become more complex, with a greater emphasis on value creation and innovation. Correspondingly, benchmarking and tracking the metrics that drive CRE portfolios’ success become that much more complicated – and important – in CRE executives’ key functions: identifying new opportunities to help lead organization growth, driving the organization’s productivity, optimizing the portfolio and workplace and controlling costs.

Q1 U.S. Office Trends: Absorption Rates Slow, Construction Surges

DTZ OfficeBuildingBlog horizontal

By Kevin Thorpe, Chief Economist

The weak economic performance in the first quarter of 2015 was primarily due to temporary factors, such as extreme cold and snow, West Coast port disruptions and weak exports. Despite the rough start to the year, we anticipate a pickup in economic activity in the coming months.

Q1 U.S. Industrial Trends: Absorption Rates Up, Vacancy Rates Fall

DTZ IndustrialBlog 2

By Kevin Thorpe, Chief Economist

Despite the economy’s lackluster performance, the industrial sector experienced a robust first quarter, unfazed by the unseasonably cold weather conditions and economic turbulence. The industrial sector registered significant employment growth in the manufacturing, wholesale trade, and transportation and utilities sectors. In fact, the rate of employment creation for industrial sector payroll jobs reached levels which have not been seen since the second quarter of 1998.

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